Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday Finish

Finally, a Friday Finish.  How's that for alliteration??  This is the final applique border for the internation round robin I have been participating in.  I think it is only about 2 months late... well, maybe not quite but not far off.  I decided to do hand blanket stitch around the leaf shapes, but it has taken considerably longer to complete than I had intended.  But I am pleased with the overall impression, and the blanket stitch repeats the theme started with Linda's butterflys, which she also hand blanket stitched around.  I think having continuity is the most important thing about round robins, and participants need to repeat elements to keep the final design strong.  I used fabrics both in my leaves and backgrounds that picked up the colours from the original block plus additional rounds.  Also some more sublte continuity - the cornerstones have a print on them that reminds me of scales - referencing the gecko, plus the actual shape of the leaves resembles the geckos toes.  Anyway, I like it and I hope Viv does to.

Whew - Viv - this will be in the post on Monday.

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  1. looks great Suzanne, can i post it on the facebook site for the round robin?