Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Stay at Home Wednesday

I am home today with a midget who is not very well.  It's the last week of term and the kids always seem to just get to the end of their immune system tolerance.  We didn't have the "wellest" of weekends, but coped, and everyone got sent off to school on both Monday and Tuesday.  But by Tuesday afternoon, it was apparent that the littlest member of the household had turned well and truely pear shaped. 

On the positive side of life, I can catch up on washing!  Woohoo!

I can pat myself on the back because my bench is clear and the dishwasher is finished - and that would have been done even if I hadn't of stayed home.  The rubbish had been attended to and the older munchkin got to take his bike to Wheels Wednesday at school.

I can slap my hand because I have ordered some fabric and a book off TradeMe.

I now have to read a book... to my daughter.  Part of the Scooby Doo range where you keep track of the clues and suspects... sort of interactive, we'll see how we get on.

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  1. Suppose it's that same bug Yasha had - must be going around:-( And yes, it's better than working :-)
    PS: Got very inspired by your regime and signed up for FlyLady last night :-)