Friday, October 14, 2011


My cushion is finished and looks glorious!  Now it does require a matching buddy... but all good things come with time, and I did want to make sure that it worked before getting too carried away.

Stuffed with a down filled inner, it survives even a man squash, is very comfortable and still looks good a day later.  I bound the edges using the same technique as for a quilt, and this makes a very smart finish.
An action shot - after the correctly applied karate chop to get the kink in the top.

 So you might be wondering what prompted the making of this pillow?  Are you one of those people with quilted items filling your house to overflowing?  Well I'm not.  I have tended to avoid pillows and other little items... I've made placemats which we hardly ever use, and table runners that always end up being the wrong size.  Quilts are mostly on the beds... plus a couple of wall warmers.

This is an oversize table runner that was just
too big for the table.  It looks very nice in the adjacent
hallway where it is framed by the doorway.

I've also purchased some accessories which have helped to create a cohesive colour scheme to accent the relaxing beige everything else.

So it looks like a variety of soft greens won!

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  1. I love the term Wall Warmer ! Sounds so much better than Wall Hanging. ;o)