Friday, October 14, 2011

Half Finished But having a coffee break

Gosh, I'm on a roll.  I'm already half way through my quilting my Baby Billboard quilt, and I was only stitching the backing together this morning.  Just goes to show what you can do when you put your mind to it, ignore the kids (well, they've been bad, bad children today), and don't get anything else done.

After much angsting about backing and batting... couldn't decide whether to use cotton or polyester... should I do a pieced backing like the original billboard quilt, or use the flannel I have tucked away in my stash... I measured the amount of background fabric I had left, and what do you know it, it was exactly the right size for the backing with the addition of some extra stripes from the left over jelly roll.  Right, one decision made, and just use cotton even though I bought it for another project, because I like how it quilts... it's predictable, and I won't have to live in guilt about wrapping a baby in polyester.

A minute of sketching came up with a perfect quilting design too... so everything just flowed.
An oldie but a goodie - certainly not original, but I also wanted to add
a circular element and the echoed "e" shapes work really well, and you can
enter and exit the design which ever way it suits to carry on.

Hopefully you can sort of see the quilting???

The connected boxes quilting is extra familiar to me, I spent quite a bit of time dreaming about it when I quilted my very first quilt - Dylan's baby quilt (which got finished sometime after Nadia was born).  It has had lots of love since then.
I can blame Alex Anderson for getting me addicted to quilting
after the Road to California block appeared on the reruns of the show (back
in the big hair days). 

I quilted it on my tiny Bernette sewing machine with a 4" throat space,
and used teal thread on top, and burgundy thread on the bottom, because
that's what I had left over from my dressmaking days.  My husband asked
why had I scribbled on it?  He knows better now!

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