Monday, October 3, 2011

Starting to feel a bit better about this one

So, I wasn't overly impressed with how my Baby Billboard Quilt was progressing.  Ms Lottie asking whether it was the front or back didn't help (best friends can tell you anything), but reaffirmed what I already felt, it just wasn't quite right.

A bit of tweaking later... success.  Well, I hope you can now tell that this is the front?

I pieced the row along the bottom with the alternating bright squares, and fused the strips.  I wanted something a little bit funky, a little bit different, asymetrical, modern, but meaningful at the same time - I think I achieved it.

Now, if you want to see something quite funny, you must check out Ms Lottie's chicken flower appliques.  You'll find her at The Slightly Mad Chicken Quilt Lady.  Her latest posting had me reminiscing about my floral basket quilt (still in the WIP stage) which also had a bit of an identity crisis with basket blocks in the centre...

And little floral sprigs scattered around the border.  Funny how a flower with four leaves looks undeniably like a flower, but the same flower with two leaves all of a sudden looks like Piglet?  Now, even I agree that it looks like Piglet, he just needs some little eyes...

And finally Santa has had his coat stitched... slowly getting better at the french knots... so just his boots and surrounding stars to finish.  And the next one to start...


  1. Maybe you should embroider eyes on one in the border to make it look more like piglet! :-D

    Funny what everyone see in shapes.

  2. Maybe you could do a flower that looks like Winnie the Pooh, so 'Piglet' doesn't get lonely!

  3. Oh that is sooooo piglet!! And you made me laugh about the front/back thing! I meant just the script writing saying sweet dreams, not the moe moea bit! But I have to agree, I think you've done the right thing adding those strips.