Sunday, March 25, 2012

Almost finished - 2nd time around!

Just the remainder of the binding to hand stitch down and this little ripper (literally) will be all ready to hand into the raffle organisers tomorrow.  I won't be sad to see it go, although I am pleased with how it has finally turned out.

We had an absolutely glorious day today... this was about 4.30pm and the sky was still deep blue

Half and half shot - half front, half back

Just a little bit closer so hopefully you can see some of the quilting?
Yesterday, I actually did housework - yeah, I know - I had proclaimed it a housework free weekend - but everything was so disgusting and cluttered, I knew I had to do something, somewhere, and in the end gave the kitchen a good old going over.  Even the corner with all the piles of shit clutter by the phone got tidied away, or mostly thrown out.  Even with the remains of dinner preparation on it - it still looks wonderful.  Now, I just need to focus on keeping it this way, and direct my attention to another area.  Wonderful in theory, but woefully neglected in practice.

I also spent some me time playing with my Swoon fabrics, deciding on the next block colourway. 
It's been fun mixing and matching with the solids - they add quite a different dimension.  The cutting so far... Swoon Block Number 3
Well, I actually started two... on account of it being almost the end of March and I haven't completed any of my monthly targets - so I thought I might as well start April's block too.  Grr - but oh well, these things happen sometimes.  It is fun deciding how each block is going to look, as they each take on their own personalities depending on the fabric choices.  I am just a bit worried that I'll end up with some plain Jane blocks at the end with the fat quarters left over - but the mind games needed to decide it all beforehand just about did my head in.

A family portrait.  Still deciding on the accent fabrics for Block 4. 


  1. Aren't you glad you re-did the raffle quilt? It looks great now! And a bit of a de-clutter does wonders for the soul! Then you can justify have some fabric play!

  2. Hehe! I thought about you all weekend and I betted you wouldn't leave that border alone! It does look much better - and I LOVE your swoon blocks together.

  3. Wow you machine!! Wave the quilt good bye & give a little jump of joy!!
    I clean yesterday, then a few hours later I felt like it was time to do it all over again.....cats n' kids!

  4. Just caught up on your posts and the trials and tribulations with the raffle quilt. Top Marks for persistence and well done on working at it to get to a stage you could live with... someone will really love it. Lots of learning in that little beauty - you will appreciate it in the years to come! I'm the same with choosing fabrics for blocks--- somuch angst can go into them!! Love the family portrait!