Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Better Photos

In the background of the paper piecing, I did a flower, loop, leaf combo meander.

Bit hard to tell but I did a curved feather along the floral border.

The fourpatches were quilted identically - a square scroll on two sides, and a three petal/loop thing on the other.  This was mimicing one of the designs on the large floral.

I wasn't too sure what to quilt on the little lady, so did ever decreasing echo quilting around her coat (the brown floral), and chickened out of doing anything on her dress and scarf.  I was a bit worried about all those seams!  And I quilted in a little hair detail, obviously, on her hair.

When I had to change the format of my photos previously due to them not loading onto Blogger properly, I have noticed that, well, the photos are not really all that great.  So last time I tried a different setting... which was obviously worse (and if I had of looked a bit closer I would have realised that before saving all the photos and losing the original formatting - grr).  So after taking a few more photos - I've tried the "document" setting which has a higher resolution, but lower than the original photos.  I think it takes a bit longer to load... and may result in my photos reaching their storage capacity a bit quicker.  Let me know whether you think they are better than normal - now, I don't mean the last post where the photos are terrible - but ones from before that.


  1. Cute little babushka :) She is lovely. Also love your Swoon block #2 in the last post.

  2. Good to see this up closer, and nice to see the quilting details. Your photos have been loading fine for me... any slowness I have on blogs is usually down to my old computer - it's a dinosaur!

  3. Your babushaka looks fantastic! Love, love, love. Makes me want to make another one!