Monday, March 5, 2012

Pigs and Progress

I apologise for the absolutely spastic looking photos. 
We have a new addition to our family.  One we are going to eat.  Possibly called "Little Pig", she is about 6weeks old and very cute - although not so cute when running wild in the paddock next door after escaping her pen and we needed to catch her in the pooring rain and she attacked us.  Long story!

On the sewing front, I have spent the last week playing around with some foundation paper piecing - a russian nesting doll pattern from etsy shop "BubbleStitch".  Very cute, pretty easy (although I do struggle to match up the joins when putting together sections - even though I do the pin through the seam all the way along... and pin, pin, pin).  A few rounds of borders later, using some of my newest favouritest fabric... and now I have a cot/play quilt for a friends new baby.

Also some shots of a finished Block Two of Swoon:

And an outdoor, holdey-upey shot of my Buggy Barn Courthouse Stars quilt (thanks to the husband who avoided being in the shots at all cost).
Talking about the husband, he has finished his shed and got all the council OK's.  And a parting shot of my garden - we have three raised beds which are responsible for all the produce.  The cows in the background belong to the neighbours.


  1. Pig!! My husband would say about your chasing story,"Told you so."
    Love your little quilt.

  2. i have a friend that raises a few pigs. i never would have thought them "cute" before but i've changed my mind.

  3. Such terrific projects. :D Hey - I just picked up a tip for joining sections of paper piecing (in case you run into the challenge again) - it's using a glue stick to hold the joins at the vital points instead of relying on pins. Things are happier now when I'm putting foundation-pieced sections together with tricky match-points. And I have to say, the pig made me chuckle. ;D

  4. Oh yes, pigs are 'cute' creatures all the way! Your cot quilt is gorgeous - a nice change to the traditional baby things. I found with my scrappy houses - foundation piecing - that it made a difference which side of the lines I sewed on - for some of those connecting seams, along one edge of the line rather than down the middle, works a lot better.