Friday, March 16, 2012

So where have I been??

Some of you may have been wondering what I've been up to over the last couple of weeks.  Time has flown by, once again. 

I haven't really been doing all that much. Firstly was a week of being tired.  You know when you're just tired for no real reason, and can't seem to kick it?  Then I went to a two day workshop in Whangarei learning about painting silk and using it to create translucent layered artworks with Jeannette DeNicolis Meyer. 
This was my creation - still a bit more sewing to do, and the piece needs to be cropped to it's final size.
Check out the Kerikeri guild blog ( for more details and examples of everyones great work. 

Of course, this weekend didn't do anything for the tired situation... and I returned home to a week of trying to catch up with housework and washing inbetween the working and herding kids. 

Which brings us back to today - Friday.  A quiet day at home filled with even more washing... a bit of housework and a bit of sewing.  Yay!

On the agenda today is completing a pieced back for a top that I started way back when Dylan was maybe just crawling, and I thought he might need a play mat type of thing.  Well, he grew up before it ever got finished, and sometime last year was it? (or possibly the year before) I found all the bits, bought some border fabrics and finished putting the top together:

Nice, fun, unisex prints
The fun really started when I ordered some backing fabric online as it was a great special. 

However, when my parcel arrived... I didn't have the 2.5m I had ordered (or whatever it was) - I got part of the meterage in one piece, then three fat quarters and a fat eighth.  GRRR!  So my easy back became a nightmare.  I bought a co-ordinating orange from my LQS, but it all became too hard and it got put away. 

Until now.  The kids school is doing a fundraiser and I've decided this would be the perfect project to add to the list of prizes.

This is how the back is looking at the moment.  Can't decide if it looks weird or not.

Now, it's looking like rain and I may need to dash out and do something with my washing.  Hope you all have an enjoyable weekend...


  1. backing hmmmm I like the orange with it, but at least on this pic It looks a bit funny. Only the backing though, so wouldn't matter so much!?

  2. I had another look at the bogger pic, I like both the outside blocks. Is there any way not to piece the middle one? Sorry to be so critical, I feel very bad about that but you make such stunning quilts (and then you asked for opinions lol)

  3. Hi Suz, good on you for pulling out this to finish - you'll be making more room for your next project! Frustrating about the backing. It is hard to tell from the photo but I wondered if part of the pieced bit in the centre could include a label for the lucky winner?

  4. Label idea sounds good. It does look a little mismatched, but it's the back not the front - so does it really matter? Not so much I think.