Sunday, May 27, 2012

Will there or won't there?

Much of my afternoon has been spent firstly trying to connect the printer to the wireless network.  The rest has been getting the camera to download to the laptop... and then working out the best way to edit the photos since my photo editing software that I finally worked out how to use has disappeared.

I simply don't have the strength to work out how to format my photos properly on this post... so it will just have to be a bit messy - but at least there are photos.

My design wall - half log cabin blocks which I started sewing at retreat using my pile of Moda bella solids in bluey greenie colours with a hit of mustard, and some Jotta Lansdotter prints.  The gaps will eventually be filled with assorted cream filler strips.

I'm having fun mixing the different colours and prints without being too worried about what goes where.  Very meditative.
Ahh, the circles.  This quilt is from Modern Mix... I'll give more details in another post, but this is the start of the quilt on the cover.  The book focuses on mixing plains with solids... has some really neat ideas.

This was just really a bit of an experiment with the closeup function on the camera.  The zigzag setting I used is 1.5w by 1.0 stitch length.  It really is very tiny.

A few more logs here...

and there.

This was actually the inspiration for the half log cabin block - the idea of having three different sized blocks within a single block.  Why not try it with log cabins??  And so a new quilt design was born.  Now go back to the first photo and see if you can pick up the large blocks... even though it looks complicated, the overall design is just a straight setting 3 blocks wide by 4 blocks down (or at least it will be once I do a bit more sewing)

And this is the book where this block appears.

April's finished Swoon Block

So how many times did I actually use "actually".  It must have been one of those days!


  1. Actually was one of those days, don't you think?!LOL! Great to see photo progress AND sewing progress too! I love the colour palette of the log cabin blocks. Do you buy your solids online? I need some of those!

  2. Your gadgets are working yippieh! Big T has some suggestions for the iPod, too, I better write it down so I won;t forget :-)
    Decent closeups are a real; advantage, something I'm definitely missing - but then I'm photographically challenged anyway lol
    Great to see the half log cabins taking shape!

  3. I have problems with my photo's too as our editing programme has gone walkies! So my shots have things I'd rather not have, but when you can't crop?
    I'm glad you have been busy, I think we get more done when we don't have gadgets to distract us.

  4. Actually, I quite like your log cabins!

  5. It's too funny. I bought Modern Mix for that exacts same pattern... And Modern Block for the Stargazer. Havn't got around to make any of them yet.the stargazer freaks me out a little bit. Not the one block but the 10.000 I will need to make a quilt. The circles I had in mind for a quilt for my youngest. I like what you have on your wall so far. The colors are lovely....