Monday, May 7, 2012

You won't believe it!

We got burgled last week.  How on earth do people cope with no laptop or camera?  Luckily there was not too much more than that stolen (like for some reason my sewing machine and fabric supplies weren't of interest)... and I just need to battle with the insurance company to get compensation.  Our old computer which became the kids game playing computer when we upgraded to a laptop, has been reinstated as the connection to the outside world.  It only took 71 new uploads to get it back into working order!  It is rather archaic and so slow... but better than nothing.  So I apologise in advance for any comments that have no reply, and I will slowly catch up with your progress on your own blogs as time goes on.  And there will be no photos... so probably very few posts until we get back to normal.  Other than that... I'm still sewing...


  1. Holy cows! Not a pleasant thing to happen, well of course they didn't touch your quilting stuff, I have never heard of a burglar who was also a quilter!
    Here's hoping to speedy recovery from the old computer to a new one.....& hopefully it will be much less than 71 uploads to get you up & running!
    Thank goodness you have insurance.

  2. Oh, you've had a bad run of luck! First Snoopy, now this! I hope the insurance company are playing ball! In the meantime...happy sewing!

  3. Bad news Suz - I hope you can get everything sorted without too many hassles and too many more tedious uploads! Pleased they didn't touch your quilting stuff... hope you get lots done to share with us when you're able!

  4. I just awarded you the Liebster Award. I love your applique and swoon blocks! Check out my blog to see the details.

  5. Om my goodness, this is such terrible news. I'm so sorry to hear it and I hope you don't run into issues with your insurance company. Thinking of you.