Monday, May 28, 2012

Just a little glitch

Along with the new laptop and camera - we are now a household that owns an Ipod. I am a bit technologically challenged at the best of times, I just like things to stay the same and never change. We managed to set the Ipod so that it receives our emails... which is not such a good thing since hubby is the proud owner of the new baby, and I'm the one who receives all the interesting emails like blog comments and fabric sales. So late last night... after the laptop was shutdown , he received some emails, and came to check with me whether I'd read them already or not (I think I was brushing my teeth after getting out of the shower - so had a towel wrapped around me and a mouth full of toothpaste - like the most convenient time to ask something). Some of them I had already received, and some I hadn't, so assuming that I would also receive those new ones - I told him to delete his ones. To cut an even longer story short - well, those new ones he deleted have never been received by me, and quite where they've gone I've got no idea. Of course, some of those emails were blog comments.

Anyway, I figured the easiest way to answer some of those comments, would be to do it here (at least then I can ensure everyone gets their answers):

Leeanne: I downloaded Picasa 3 which is a free photo editing thing - does all the basics, cropping, rotating etc, as well as some extra functions which I intend to have a play with at some stage in the future. You can then choose to share - which flicks those selected photos up into Picasa web albums (which is where the blog photos seem to end up anyway) - it allows you to choose the size, so I don't have problems with high resolution photos which take forever to download. I'll have to try doing it again to see whether it was just a fluke that it seemed easy... or whether it actually is.

Suz: I got the solids from "Thousands of Bolts" who have an online store, who had FQ on sale on day, and were very nice to send me an email about it. I'm not really a solids person, but clicked on the link, and this selection was the first thing to fill the screen - I just loved the mix of greens and blues, with some cream and mustard thrown in - so just added them all to my cart. The colours weren't 100% - but fitted within the range. I'd be cautious if I needed colours to match perfectly.

Monika: any advice about the Ipod welcomed! I've managed to set up a new email account, so we just need to try editing the address (I hope) - then I can get my ones... and he can get his ones.

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  1. Thanks. Is it an Ipod or I phone? I have an Ipod touch.....god they all sound the same to me, mine sits in a speaker thingie that I listen to my sounds & I hold my quilt photos there too.