Sunday, June 24, 2012


My Log Cabins at the Beach quilt WIP photo appears on the latest post on the Auckland Modern Quilt Guilds Blog.  Click on the link on my blog list to the left to read more about Modern Quilts and Log Cabin Designs.

To update progress, I've finished putting this quilt together - haven't taken a photo yet or really looked at it as an entire piece (remember how it didn't fit on my design wall?)  At the moment I'm pondering possible quilt backs and quilting designs... any suggestions welcome.  I've been busy looking through some of my books for ideas, but nothing has leapt out as yet.


  1. It would be fun if you could find some fabric for the backing with houses/cabins on it?
    As far as quilting ideas., 'modern' quilting isn't something I do a lot of but I wondered if you Googled 'organic quilting designs' or even 'funky quilting designs' might bring something interesting up!
    Good luck.