Sunday, June 17, 2012

Simple Maths

TEN Completed Blocks on the pile

Plus TWO Left on the Design Wall

= Not all that much left to get this top DONE

Now I realise that the photo of my pile above could have been more aesthetically pleasing... but are any of these other photos really any better?  I must work on my staging... as apparently good photos = a good blog.

In home news, Nadia has had a friend stay over for a sleepover this weekend.  I thought it was all going to turn pear shaped about 2 o'clock this afternoon, but after a bit of solo play, they made up. Twenty seven hours is a long time to fill in!  Escaping a house full of girls, the menfolk went fishing today - unsuccessful I might add.  But they had a good time.


  1. That's going to be one big quilt! Glad the girls were able to make up and stay friends- too much of a good thing, hey?! I guess its not fish for dinner!

  2. All the photos are pleasing 'cos it means you're almost finished the top ;)
    Mouse just came home from some Sunday afternoon fishing. The kids were allowed to get out of bed and go see the big snapper and waawaa (as Liv called the kahawai!) Fish for dinner tomorrow.

  3. Great to see you got some sewing time in between sorting out battles! Great progress! One can spend a lot of time arranging blocks for photos if One is not careful!

  4. They a re usually very loud a bunch of girls too? It is nice to play with the blocks & touch the fabric.