Monday, June 4, 2012

And onto some real sewing

I've been beavering away at my half log cabin blocks, and can see real progress now.  Still a few more (but not that many), and then once I have the final placements confirmed, just a matter of filling in the blanks with more cream, sand and off white.  Unfortunately my desk obscures the bottom corner of the design wall... will need to come up with a cunning plan when I get to that stage!  As you can see, the Swoon quilt and both BOM's have been "put on hold" to reappear at a later date - maybe next month.

OK, this one is going to be a big-un as well - approx 75x100" which is pretty much what I've laid out here.  This works out to the large block (which combines the three different sizes of block) being 25" finished.  I'm contemplating just padding it out a little more, maybe 28" to give a bit more space between the elements.  Will see how it goes together.

Studio progress: great progress was made this weekend lining the walls of my studio space.  Two walls down, and one bitty one left.  I though I'd share some photos of my existing sewing area, which I share with Nadia.   Basically one long wall where everything resides, with an adjoining wall covered in a design wall.

The business end

Storage: this holds partly finished projects in the upper section, and lower coloured drawers.  Also larger pieces of fabric, bins with sorted scraps, weirdo stuff on top... and the filing drawer holds my business filing stuff.  Note the pile on the floor?  This is new fabric bought since I degreed that I wasn't going to buy any more stuff... and for good reason, because it doesn't fit!
The bit with the sewing machine (currently with a huge bag of hobbyfill squashed underneath the desk), book storage, and ironing station.

The cutting zone with storage containers underneath, FMQ supplies in one container, threads in another, and assorted sewing stuff in the other.

On top of the cutting station... a container for rubbish at the back, and a new scrap selection in the front. When I can manage it, the kids can sometimes be convinced that sorting scraps is fun... and then they get shifted into the bins at the start of the room.

And under the curtain... magazines (a small selection of my favourites), FQ storage bins and tops awaiting quilting in the bottom right. The curtain/teatowel just keeps the sun off it.

I am sort of looking forward to reorganising my bits into my new space.


  1. Your wonky log cabin is going to be more ways than one!

  2. Loving your log cabin top. And lining on your studio - fantastic!! There's been leaps and bounds on my studio this weekend too.

    Looks like you've been having lots of fun with your camera too.

  3. Loving your half log cabin, what an inspiring wall!

  4. Love the colors you are using.

  5. This quilt is looking great! When I get to the point where I'm sure about parts of the quilt, I start sewing them together, then I can move it to the floor to do the final blocks that won't fit on the wall.
    I love your fabric choices.

  6. Your half log cabins look great! Have fun organizing - I need to get on that as well.

  7. your half log cabins looks amazing. i love how they look

  8. I love your half log cabin....this is a new one for me