Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Happy Hump Day!

Oh Wednesday... the weekend is so close and yet so far...

Just to prove that I do things other than sew (sometimes), on my radar this week:

Baking for the kids cross country at school.  An opportunity to fundraise from someone elses pocket other than mine.

We have White Chocolate Crackles with apricot and chocolate bits

Are chocolate crackles a world wide phenenom?  Made with popped rice cereal (commonly known as ricies in NZ) and usually brown chocolate - these were a party must have as a child.

We really had to taste test these before they got packaged up... just in case they tasted terrible or something :0)

and Giant Chocolate Cookies with mint icing and coconut sprinkles

I also made some Lemonade cordial but this was for our own consumption!

I'm really enjoying the projects in the shed this week.

We have block 36 - this is in the darkest corner, but it's cool that it's still got some other colours in it too...

and Block 37 - my floral scrap was slightly too narrow, so I just added a fraction to my frame to upsize it...

I got from here to here in the blanket stitch...

And I'm already onto the second row of blocks on the straight stitching on Janet!

Hope your week is going well... I might just link up with Lee at Freshly Pieced.


  1. Great progress on hump day! And just think, its all down hill to the weekend from here!

  2. I thought quilters only did quilting? Fancy baking etc?

  3. Your white chocolate crackles look yummy! I like your blanket stitching, and appliqué project. Looks like you made lots of progress this week.

  4. Your baking looks so good, as does your applique - great progress. It sure looks like your week is going well :-)

  5. Oh look, I found your white chocolate crackle post! ;P