Sunday, August 18, 2013

Something [old]... something [new]

I had instructions on Saturday... work all day in your sewing shed... so that hubby could finish doing his thing in there on Sunday.  Gosh, I wonder if I could find something to do ALL DAY!!!

First up, I finished the blanket stitch on the Bluebirds and Berries BOM side panels AND attached them to the central panel.

Now I just need to put my thinking cap on and come up with some ideas for the top and bottom panels.

I've made great progress throughout the week on my Swoon back.  Just four more seams and it will be done.  Whew.  Tokyo Subway block 21 is half constructed.  Double whew.

The hand work focus this week was my mystery stitchery.  I'm pleased to report I have finished Block 4 and started tracing Block 5.

Because I was evicted today (and I'd made good progress on my focus projects), I took advantage of the situation and some quiet time with the kids actually playing outside in the SUN (yes, it seems it does still exist) - and pulled out my orange, grey, green and black bundle from last time...

and this sketch of a pattern...

Decamped back into the house, and ended up with something a bit like this...

Or like this...

Or like this...

Or even like this...

Just to get the perspective right thanks to my Pink Assistant... we're talking 72" finished.

Now - was there a favourite?  I ran out of fabric for the two empty opposing corners (which will be the plain cream) and haven't made the final decision on the corner opposite the grey square.  Do you think the black is too dark/domineering?

Ceiling progress... it's all done. 

And I have a hessian board wall which is just perfect for hanging my mini quilts.  Not that there are that many of them!

So, focus projects for this coming week:

Piecing: finish the Swoon back and keep plugging away at the Tokyo Subway blocks for this month.  I'm looking forward to this one NOT being a focus project the following week :0)

Blanket Stitch: reacquaint myself with the My Tweets BOM.  Remember this?

Hand work: stitching down the overlaid applique blocks on the large floral/modern quilt - goodness, this one really needs a better name!  And a more up to date photo - because this was not how it ended up looking!


  1. I like the third layout best but can't figure out why. Congrats on the ceiling - no more bug bodies. What's the name of the feature fabric on your hand work project in last pic? That could be the name of the quilt? Or a derivative of it.

  2. Good to see you keeping busy Suzanne :-) Nice to see your bluebirds and berries, it is going to be awesome! Cool idea with the Nadia-flavoured block.... I can't pick a favourite sorry, I'm imagining the quilting you could do on it. Exciting progress in your sewing shed - looks like you are making that space your own :-)

  3. I like the new 72" star, probably the first or third. I think the black needs to kept away from the dark green? You are making great progress. Sun??? What's that? !!

  4. Your creative space is looking good & now free of bugs!
    I have a love of your Bluebirds & berries quilt & of course the tweets quilt, I think I just love the colours.