Sunday, August 25, 2013

One of THOSE sort of weekends...

I decided to turn my bedroom around late Friday afternoon... it wasn't pretty!

With a little bit of careful cropping, it was eventually safe to go to bed that night.

Saturday was a bit of a sewing free day, and Sunday morning disappeared in a sea of washing.

Finally, something happening in the shed!

Janet has been quiet for quite some time.  First of all she was annoying me with the joins in her plastic rails - so we replaced them with the metal strap bracing used in garages - perfect.  Then I had issues with the stop/start button.  Hubby came up with his own solution involving the brake handle and cable from a push bike.  Perfect.

Finally, we needed a new handle, which was bought for $2.00 from a garage sale - an arm rest off a 10 speed...  you guessed it.  Perfect.

I splashed out on a new second hand machine - a straight stitch Janome 1600P so that I had a dedicated machine on the frame.  We still need to come to an arrangement that gives me even tension and threads that don't shred... but we're getting there!

Throughout the week I got about half of a My Tweets block blanket stitched.

So just the second half to do next week.

I also finally did the last few seams for my Swoon back.  If I ever suggest doing anything like this ever again - shoot me!

And after much procrastinating I did finally get the last applique block applied to the background for this Gypsy Blooms quilt.

I'll have to give my focus projects for next week a bit of a think... so I'll let you know...


  1. Holy ALL that plus you changed your bedroom around! I'm exhausted just looking!
    Glad Janet has been dusted off, sounds like some real kiwi ingenuity & a handy hubby came to the rescue.
    Your Gypsy Blooms is quite spectacular. That Swoon backing looks monstrous &
    lots of work!!:-/

  2. I'm fascinated with your long arm machining arrangement! Is it a regular sewing machine you have set up? The backing for Swoon is a quilt all of its own! And Gypsy Blossom's quilt is looking great!

  3. Wow! What awesome fix-its for the longarm setup. I'll have to remember the bike handle strategy - I bet it's more comfortable with it. Love your giant circle quilt on the bed. And I wish I were working on a My Tweets, too! Thanks for linking up at BOMs Away. :)