Friday, November 1, 2013

Lovely Ladies

I just can't decide what to wear... and I just can't do a thing with my hair...

I had a bit of fun today with my Lovely Ladies pattern by Fiona Tully (which appeared in Australian Patchwork & Stitching V13 No9 last year)... a cute pattern styled on the little Kokeshi Japanese dolls that have developed into a collectors item around the world.  This pattern has nine of these applique ladies - each with their own individual hairdo.

It wasn't long before they started cropping up on my design wall...

Maybe I should add some into the sampler... they look right at home :0)

Some of my favourites... I ended up using two prints from the Bonnie & Camille Marmalade charm pack in most of the colour ways.  The small all over prints seemed to work out best.

And a couple of outfits that didn't make the grade.  First up I experimented with a slightly larger floral spray...

This one ended up being a little bit too skin coloured for my liking... and the flower print sat awkwardly on the dress.
 And although this print was small scale and relatively all over... it just looked weird.
This print just sat funny... no matter how I fussy cut it.

The prototype blanket stitch version... face yet to be embroidered...

I have been a bit quiet about my focus projects this week.  Not that I haven't been busy :0)  This week I focused my attention solely on quilting the Reunion Playground quilt, and I'm happy to report that as of yesterday afternoon, it is all quilted.  Whoop!  Next up will be binding decisions... other than that, I have run out of my batting supplies, so although I have several more tops that require quilting, that activity will stop for the next little while.  Whew!  I have neglected the second Tokyo Subway block that was due for October, and I've got this weeks Modern Sampler blocks also to catch up on... so guess what I'll be doing over the weekend...


  1. Cute little Kokeshi dolls! Maybe some embroidered daisies in the blue 'blank' places may have made that odd one work!? Not matter what you decide they are very sweet!

  2. The dolls are so cute!!! And yes - they look just like they're supposed to be there in the sampler. :)

  3. I love your "lovely ladies". Too cute.

  4. Very cute ladies, they look good on your wall in amongst your other blocks......Great to hear you have a finish - very cool :-)

  5. Great looking ladies :) looks like a lot of fun. Like playing with paper dolls :)