Thursday, November 14, 2013

WIP Thursday

A bit more plodding this week... but a little bit of plodding can result in great things :0)

The three Modern Sampler blocks for this week.  CHECK!

Some left over binding... still with the heavily pressed fold line and an interesting green fabric that comes in very handy for applique leaves

This one has fabrics from the first quilt I finished for Nadia... so pretty!

Scraps from the indigo quilt that never was... the book uses a single solid navy/black but using what I had meant a more scrappier finish.  I like it just fine!

It's filling up... sorry this shot missed the pink corner Ms Lottie!
And you know what this means aye? 

Tagged and released... another Tokyo Subway block bites the dust.  Just one more to do for November (25) and that leaves just four more blocks!!! 
The ladies have been liberated from filling the gaps in the design wall...

and are now legless all over the floor

Still with no mouths, and mostly no eyes...

I found it interesting that all the floral prints played so nicely together...

it was the blender prints that caused all the havoc

This green print and the pink print below had to be segregated from each other... just too much going on - quite dizzy in fact

Hopefully I got the mix just right?

Now it's just decision time about the final frames for the rest of the ladies, their eyes and mouths to embroider then on to sashing...


  1. They're so cute! Even if they are legless. I'm husbandless for a few days so I should go and do some plodding in the studio too.

  2. As long as its only the Sashiko dolls are the only ones who are legless! You are flying, not plodding! The Tokyo Subway is not far off being finished either!

  3. Your City Sampler blocks look great! Makes me recommitted to my own project. Stopping by from WIP Wednesday.

  4. I love the Sashiko dolls! They are adorable!

  5. I think you did get the mix right -- the colors look very pretty!

  6. Beautiful ladies!! Where did you find the pattern?

  7. Lovely! I especially love the doll quilt.

    Heree are some Japaneses quilt images I am sharing you might enjoy: