Sunday, November 17, 2013

The week that was and the week ahead

Sunday is organising day.

First up lay out the last Tokyo Subway block for November (block 25). 

Next is choose the fabrics for the three Modern Sampler blocks for this week.

I've found this is a vital step, and makes the rest of the week a breeze

Lay out and attach a bit of sashing for the ladies...

We have three pairs of eyes complete, and two smiles so far...

I decided to frame all the ladies with the same beige dot, I think it helps to calm down the whole arrangement

I like that I'm at that stage in my quilting career where I can approach a pattern, read the instructions, and then do what I want.  I'm not a fan of sashing with the big long strips between rows... I like to do mine short.  Sashing just two sides makes it heaps easier to keep things aligned at the next stage...

And this is exactly how I will put together the Modern Sampler... four blocks down... 96 to go :0)

OK so focus projects for the week... finish off my eyes and mouths... I can't do much more on this project until they are complete, and I want need to free up the floor space if I want to get any basting done.  Once that embroider is done, I can get these sashed blocks all joined up and look at border treatments.

Obviously, the Tokyo Subway and Modern Sampler blocks are ready and waiting... and I should check the stash and see if there is any binding fabric suitable for this one...

Another busy week ahead...


  1. Your brain works so differently from mine. I would never have done the sashing on just two sides like that - just wouldn't have ever seen it as a possibility. But you're right, it would make the lining up of blocks from row to row much easier. I'd love to hook up one of those brain scan thingy's and see which parts of our respective brains light up when we read the same pattern. Okay, that's the freaky medical side of me coming out...

  2. As usual you have so many different projects going on. I love how different each and every one is. I totally agree with you on reading patterns. I always buy patterns (because I know there is some one working hard for it at the other end) but all I use is really the pictures and then I just go from there.

  3. Woohoo up to binding something - that sounds like nearly a finish!! I need to do a little more of spending a bit of time preparing so I can just get stuck in as the mood moves me! Good idea with the sashing, it may be the solution to something that is dancing in my head at the moment. You must feel so good keeping up with your monthly/weekly blocks, and yes, your little girls with their eyelashes are so cute!