Friday, May 2, 2014

A little finish here and a little finish there

Yesterday I bit the bullet and pulled the dress pattern pieces out of the envelope.

I remember sewing a DKNY Vogue pattern back in the early 90's and it was a curious mixture of simplicity and really clever design elements.  It seems that this pattern - V1250 (the red dress on the left) is much the same.

With only three pattern pieces, how hard could it be?  On the other hand... check out the shape of these pattern pieces!

The big one is a front and lower back, the medium one is a top back, and the little one, the back neck facing.  The front and back are both cut on the fold.
I bought some "Delux ponte double knit" from Spotlight with the intention of making a winter weight dress - only 1.2m required.  The pattern  suggestions are for 2 way knit - rayon, spandex, cotton spandex and nylon spandex.  I don't know if my body does spandex anymore... unless it's those suck em in undies.  I think the heavier knit probably offers a bit more coverage.  By yesterday afternoon, I had the dress pretty much finished, just the arm and lower hem to do.

Today was finishing day.  A bit impulsively I cut 3" off the bottom with my rotary cutter.  I intend to wear this to work more as a tunic over long sleeved tops, with dark tights and boots.  But I also don't mind the over jeans look for something a bit more casual!  I was pulling a really weird face in this one...

 So there we go... dress experiment a success.  I would definitely consider sewing this dress again... I would quite like to try a patterned version, and maybe a plain rust coloured one.  On the clothes sewing front, I also hemmed a pair of pants to match my short legs :0)

As winter looms, temperatures have started to drop.  A change in warmth requirements during the month of April meant the Gypsy Bandana sampler quilt got put back on the shelf, and my Buggy Barn wonky log cabin stars quilt got put in it's place.

Also in the finishing department... a new handbag.  This is my winter version too!  Made from samples of heavy upholstery fabric mean this has plenty of texture.

All it needed was a handle attached, and I wasn't keen on the design offered in the pattern (hence it has sat around for about 3 years).  In the end I pieced a few remnants to make the right length, and fitted it at the ends to make a shoulder bag.  I'm not 100% in love with it... but I'll see if it grows on me.

While I was doing random sewing, I put together the backing for the Tokyo Subway, and basted it.

And lastly I got the binding for the Japanese ladies machine sewn down.  So another technical finish.  Just the hand stitching left to do.

The last day of the holidays... gosh, it's been busy!


  1. Great looking dress Suz! I love those sorts of patterns- they are a puzzle but also an accomplishment when you get them together! I like it with the long sleeved top underneath too! Go girl!

  2. Did you drink an extra coffee to achieve all of that? Impressive! The dress ooks great and sounds like it was easy enough that I might have to have a go.

  3. The dress does look good! Whew you have achieved lots these holidays!!!

  4. Great dress - you look really good in it :) I agree, a patterned one will be perfect too but promise you'll keep that long for a night out to dinner with your hubby.

  5. That dress is gorgeous. I might have to hunt that pattern down for myself

  6. I too have to hem pants to match my legs! The dress looks great, looks like one you can mix & match with. Yes a temperature drop here too.
    Looks like the holidays have been kind to you.

  7. Those pattern pieces did look perplexing but you dress has ended up looking great! I also love your Japanese subway quilt :)

  8. Hi Suz! I love what you did to the dress, and I can so see it with yoga pants or leggings. You're talking about winter looming, and here in southeastern Canada our spring will NOT arrive! Consequently I'm wearing yoga pants (2 pr as I'm heading down to my basement corner sewing 'studio') and a tunic vest over my long-sleeved t-shirt! It's May people! I love Buggy Barn - I have made a few of their "Crazy" quilts, such fun and you get to use a ton of different fabrics. Yours looks snuggly. Hope I'm no longer a no-reply blogger; I switched about a half hour ago to my Blogger profile. In case, I am ephdra (at) gmail (dot) com!

  9. Very cute dress! Your bag is great too!

  10. you have been busy. so many great finishes. The dress looks great. i have to take up my husband's pants as he is rather short but i'm tall and as a consequence my jeans are usually a little short... I tend to wear socks to match my shoes so it doesn't show so much