Sunday, May 25, 2014

* What looks like a new project?

* Smells like a new project?
* Tastes like a new project?
* Feels like a new project?

But is technically not a new project?

Playing with the left over Tokyo Subway squares on my design wall!

I have had several A-ha moments about what to do with my left overs - a scrap Granny Square quilt... a Scrap Vomit quilt... a Plus Quilt... there were endless options.  As part of my tidying mission last weekend, I came upon a small coloured diagram that I made a LONG time ago, a Supernova quilt block by Lee at Freshly Pieced.

Lee's finished quilt

On the design wall so far... still undecided about the background colour to use.

Lee ran a quiltalong of this quilt here - having updated the piecing instructions after making her first version - using strip piecing techniques and no half square triangles.  I'm not all that flash at strip piecing - and since I had all the squares to start off with - using the original block layout suited me just fine.

I never use colour wheel theories when making colour decisions.  And I mean never.  But I do have a very good book which discusses all the possible options - which I look at occasionally and never follow.  I thought this might be a good opportunity to make use of the book, so my blocks (so far) feature this Main Colour with Three Opposite Colours theory.  

I also broke open my new Fiskars rotary cutter I scored for Mothers Day.  It is a little beauty!  The blade needs to be adjusted for left hand use - but once that's done, it has great balance, fits beautifully in my hand and cuts like a dream.  I also won't have to worry about sneaky right handers borrowing it at group stitching events!  It is going to take a wee while to get used to the blade lock on and off function - pushing the tab to open the blade is OK, because it's much the same as my Olfa cutter - but the release is a button  to push in - and I'm still in the "pull the tab back" mode, which doesn't do anything.  All in all, very happy.

On the Tokyo Subway quilting front (just in case Dad is reading) - I have finished the first quarter!  Woohoo!!!  And after today's efforts, I am half way through the second quarter.  The quilting is not slow - but it is also not fast.   There are 1600 squares in this quilt, and each needs to get a melon shape quilted in it.  My shoulders are currently asking - "was this your idea?"

Why yes, it was my idea.  And isn't it looking!

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  1. Not getting much quilting done over in this quarter of the world. Except for some pushing of the large blue and white quilt through my machine - and my shoulders are asking the same question as yours. Love your supernova idea with your leftovers.