Sunday, May 18, 2014

No fabrics were harmed (or projects started) in the making of this post

Today has been a really overcast and gloomy sort of day.  The washing from yesterday is still struggling to dry... the Sunday chores have been done and we should have enough food to last us the week.

OK time to head into the sewing cave.  But it's one of those days... I don't really have it in me to start sewing.

That's OK too - fabric is my friend.  And so much nicer than housework!

I pulled out the pile of Adornit fabrics (a couple of bundles from FabricWorm that have been collecting dust taking up space in the stash cupboard). 

I had originally thought I might make a star quilt from one of Elizabeth Hartman's books, but when I saw this pattern - I changed my mind. 

Take twenty fat quarters... see, we are already off to a great start.

But first is the playing.  Let's see exactly what we have here...

I grouped them loosely by colour... although it's hard to tell in this one, these are the greenish tones...

The greys...

The creams...

And the coloureds...

Next up, putting them into pairs with good contrast.  I started with the coloured pile... as they are the eye-catchers, I tried to pair them up with a good variety of the other fabrics...

but it was a lot harder to make pretty looking pairs from the left overs...

I've done more playing since these photos were taken... and I'll probably tweak it a bit more as time goes by, and I imagine right up until I start sewing it together.

OK - onto the next lovely pile of fabric.

This pile combines some of my naughty purchases throughout the fabric diet... which I think work together surprisingly well, with some other bits and bobs from the stash.

This Simple Bands pattern creates a mock double wedding ring block when made with strips... (PS Monika, I think you could have used the ruler for your drunkards path blocks).

And yet another pile of fabric.  Monika and I were assessing her fabric pulls a while ago for a pink and orange toned creation... and this one just didn't cut the mustard.  Yip, it's just too brown for Monika's taste... but one mans trash is another mans treasure... and I like brown just fine!

Isn't this pile shaping up fun?

This pile needs a bit more loving (I actually think I need to buy some pinks!), but I think this Amy Gibson's Tuileries pattern might just be perfect.

Ahhh... that feels so much better.  I had started to itch with the need for fabric.  All better now.  These piles can be tucked away safely for another day (sometime after the end of June), and tomorrow I can continue with quilting the Tokyo Subway quilt.

PS I finished that last pesky bit of binding on the Japanese Ladies and passed them onto a possible new home.  Woohoo!


  1. It's funny - I always do the same... Pull fabrics aside in bundles without much of a plan. Then over days and weeks I add new colors or take some of them away again. So much fun :) Right now I have a gorgous pile of greens and blues that hopefully (but not guarenteed) will turn into a quilt at some point.

  2. I found the pattern of the beautiful quilt (your 2nd picture) here:

  3. Playing with fabric is ALMOST as satisfying as buying it!