Saturday, May 17, 2014

Saturday chat

I am a slob.  I have managed to complete as little housework as is humanly possible over the last few months, and it is starting to show!  This morning, as I lay in bed contemplating the day, I thought a quick whiz around with the vacuum plus the dishwasher/bench/washing machine basics would do.  Then I had a shower, and figured it was well past time for a comprehensive clean of the entire room, but the basin and shower would be a good place to start.  Then the kitchen got a look at... and finally the vacuuming!  No wonder I don't like to do housework!  It is so exhausting - and it just needs to be done all over again in a few days... or minutes.  We've just had lunch, and I haven't finished any of the rooms that I started - but already it is starting to look better.  I know I am my own worst enemy, if I approached the whole thing with military precision and did a little bit often, it wouldn't end up so bad.  But after over twenty years of being somewhat adult, I haven't been unable to do it.

So that's enough about the boring state of my life at the moment, check out the mothers day haul I got last Sunday!

First up a new rotary cutter - I haven't used it yet, but I do like the way the handle fits in my little hands.  Then two new books - The Quilt Block Book and Iris Quilting.

I have a few block books... sometimes they're good, and sometimes not so good.  This one is a good one!  The spiral binding is a bonus.  Also the blocks are a good mix of traditional and more modern.  Each block has at least one suggested setting - which you really look at and think, yeah OK, I see how it all goes together, which is one of the things that has always drawn me to quilting in general.  Then on the opposite page is the block construction information.

The iris quilting book is a variation on foundation piecing and is somewhat log cabin like or pineapple block in construction.  It has some very cute projects, and some really pretty ones too.

I've spent every spare minute of the last week hand stitching binding.  Why is it that the last piece of thread is never long enough?


  1. Looks like you need to delegate some of those household chores- share the love! And I like the look of that radio windmill block! I am unfamiliar with the book. You have to love a book which is just not blocks but gives ideas for a whole quilt!

  2. hey your not the only one living in the house. All my kids had jobs, hubby too, probably why he left!! LOL!
    Gosh you are lucky to get such nice Mothers Day presents, I always got lollies or chocolate, because they knew I would share with them! Now thinking about this, maybe it was my payback from the kids for making them do jobs!

  3. Oh nice haul! Maybe it's their way of making up for not helping with the cleaning? I've started rummaging through cupboards throwing out as much as possible, that sure takes up a huge chunk of my day, and then I have to clean up the mess I make afterwards. Looking forward to seeing your big pile of finishes once you've done all that hand stitching.

  4. Cleaning...totally not fun! But the results are wonderful even though they don't last a year! Love the haul you made on Mother's Day. I wish more quilting books had spiral bindings.