Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Beauty is in the focus of the camera

Quilting has resumed... two sides of the applique border are completely finished, the other two are half done.  Whew... so far the thread is holding on - hopefully enough to get to the end of the last panel!  Although I wasn't prepared to risk it - more thread is on order!

I've started hand stitching down the stems on the Bunting Quilt.  Working with a large applique like this is awkward.  I like to work on the stem and leaf placement together to ensure both are nicely balanced - but you do end up with a lot of unattached bits.  It is not practical to shift something so large to the ironing board, neither was it practical in this situation to pin every leaf.  My solution this time was to iron on the floor on the carpet!  I was very careful to apply just enough heat to tack it down - not enough to cause major damage to the carpet underneath.  [Although with wool carpet - I'm not sure what it would do?  Shrink?  Definitely do not try doing this with nylon carpet - I'm sure that would be a disaster.]

Once it was tacked, I shifted my table top ironing board onto the floor, and gave it a better press - enough to adhere to allow the hand stitching to occur without causing any bits to fall off anyway.  Once I've finished hand stitching, I'll give it another press, and again from the back - before I start machine blanket stitching.

I've also been working my way through the list of jobs I wanted to get done during the holidays.  Clean my bedroom windows... turned into strip the bed... turned into change the whole room around and vacuum all the corners and skirting... perfect time for a new quilt on the bed - Lola's Medallion.

I haven't had this one on yet - and it's been about a year since it was finished.  On the one hand I kinda hoped I would sell it... but on the other I didn't want to.  Looks like this one is going to stay with me.

And just to show that cropping is a wonderful tool!  I still have plenty of mess to sort through, but that will be a job for tomorrow.  At least there is a clear path to get to bed tonight!

And I still only got one of the windows cleaned.  Typical!


  1. It's funny how one cleaning job always leads to another! I love this quilt on your bed- its gorgeous! (BTW My package of fabric arrived today- thank you- there are some beauties in there!)

  2. BIG ironing job! I'm sure this will look amazing when you have finished. Are you hoping to have it finished for the exhibition?

  3. Beautiful quilt, love the border fabric. Spring cleaning is in the air, although I wish the weather would settle.

  4. Oh yes, one job leading to another, I think that's the story of my life! The quilt on your bed looks perfect for Spring.

  5. Glad to hear that the applique is progressing. I think ironing on the carpet is the perfect solution. Love the quilt you have on your bed.

  6. Okay - I know my visits to the blog are random and too rare.. Blame the super busy life here. . But seriously, what have you been up to lately. That quilt is stunning! Did I say STUNNING loud enough? Seems I can't turn my back for very long ;)

  7. I love this quilt, too! Your taste is just fantastic. :) And hey! Creative photo framing happens here all the time!