Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Wheels of Design Keep Turning

{where one thing leads to another, which leads to another... which leads to another}

The baby quilt I'm making started with a fabric - the bunting...

 Which lead to a bundle...

Which lead to a design - an 18" block... crying out to be enlarged into a 36" quilt...

Which lead to a central square large enough to fit some applique...

Thank you my Gail Pan Bluebirds & Berries quilt for offering some design assistance... it's always handy to reuse patterns for something else

 Which lead to something that started to look a bit like this - all glorious 36" of it!

And those 8" finished corner squares got me thinking that they were big enough to fit some applique in them too... in fact, the large background triangles were a decent size too...

Hello library books... (that I got out yesterday!  Timing!)

And inside the Hand Quilted with Love book by Sarah Fielke, there was this pattern... check out that applique border... wouldn't it a version of look fab around my star?

Of course, this wasn't part of the original plan, and I don't have enough background fabric to squeeze out any sort of border.  But, with a bit of imagination and some artfully placed stems... I can see it!  Can you?


  1. Looking good ... clever you!!!

  2. My favourite way to design- let the design speak to you and go with your gut! Great going- it is looking really pretty!

  3. You're having a productive holiday so far. I've been sick - again! I never catch the cold but so far this year I've done it three times and always when I'm on holiday! Over the worst of it now and I'll be pushing to get something finished for the festival of quilts.
    PS I loved the quilting you did on the border, was it a couple of posts ago. Lovely feather.

  4. Looks like you are using your holiday time well - I can see the wheels turning, looking forward to seeing the next stage of this project!

  5. OMGoshness....look at all that lovely eye candy. Wonderful blocks!

  6. Too cute, love the applique center. I agree the applique border would look great.

  7. It Looks really good with the applique in the center! Oh quiting books from the library, how I love them! Enjoy all of them, I specially like Vintage Quilt Revival book!

  8. I see it :) it's a great book btw.