Sunday, October 5, 2014

What a difference a few days makes!

After pulling some weird muscle in my back this morning (no twisting, so no FMQing), I've spent the day recuperating, but also getting the applique shapes fused and cut out for my Bunting Baby Quilt in little bursts throughout the day.  I decided to add a narrow 2" finished border to both sides, a 4" border to the top, and an 8" border from a different fabric on the bottom.  This achieved two things - one was to add extra length to a square quilt - because we all know that cots are rectangular and it makes it much more practical.  It also meant that if the quilt becomes a wall hanging at some stage in the future, the darker fabric adds depth to the bottom, helping to give a bit of perspective to the whole arrangement.

The quilt now measures 40" wide x 48" long.  The applique is just sitting there at the moment - no gusts of wind please!

 I love the fact that the applique gave me extra places to add even more fabrics - more pinks, more oranges, yellows and greens... I think I've delivered on the pink and girly request.

I really like this border, and would love to have it on a queen sized quilt sometime... I'll have to add it to my already extensive list.

I've also been reading and am on the last book in the Fever series by Karen Marie Moning.  I started reading this author through her Highlander series... modern/historical romance crossover, with a bit of the supernatural/fae thrown in - humorous... sexy... big braw Scottish men with all their (extremely large) bits in the right places.  The series (which could easily be read as stand alone books but also interlink if read in the right order) ended rather suddenly without a satisfactory conclusion.  Then I started on her next series, expecting something similarly light and enjoyable.  The Fever series is set in modern times in Ireland, where the dark Fae escape imprisonment when the faery walls come down, and take over the world - killing and causing havoc.  It's a bit dark and troubled... but I'm looking forward to finding out how it all finishes.

Well, that's week one of the holidays over and done with... roll on week two!


  1. Gosh this is going to be one lucky baby girl!! Looks really pretty!
    Your novels sound interesting! Happy week two of the holidays to you.

  2. This is so gorgeous! You have a great eye for designing! When are you going to start designing and spruiking your own patterns?!

  3. Well your quilt is really lovely and I enjoyed hearing about your books, too. What a pleasant stop on my travels in cyberspace this evening! Will you applique by machine or by hand?

  4. Gorgeous baby quilt Suzanne! Looks like a productive day...hope the second week of the holidays is going as well :-) [And that weird muscle has sorted itself out].