Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Goals for this month - part one

I finished up the hourglass blocks for last months Tillies Lane BOM.  Only 12 needed for last month, which is good, because I hadn't prepped enough... the reason for them getting finished a bit late.  They finish at 3" and are so cute and a great way of chipping into the scrap pile.  That wrapped up Month Five's requirements.

For May (Month 6) I have another large wreath applique, a small applique, and 24 hourglass blocks... I've chosen the fabric already for the large block... so heres hoping for a quick finish.

During the school holidays, I had a catch up with some quilting friends.  One of my questions for them was whether to add an extra row of small blocks to the base of this quilt.  The answer was... make a visual decision.  So I draped it over the bed to work out whether it needed an extra border... I reckon it did!

I just had to take a photo of this tape measure... I've carried this little sewing kit around for years, and never opened the tape measure... it is only 24" long... too cute!

So another border it was... I figured I had enough fabric to add plain borders to the top and sides, and decided to go with three small blocks along the bottom in a wider border.  This border will hang nicely off the bed, so it's not like you will actually ever see it laid out like this.

 And I found the perfect backing fabric... an extra wide text fabric with a variety of greys. 

 Goal for this month is to get it all sandwiched together!


  1. Great progress on Tillies Lane. Mmm the tape measure may not 'measure up' anymore.....it's a bit kinky! I love that backing fabric.

  2. Good to see Tillie's Lane growing ever so nicely. A good solution with your bed quilt...happy quilting :-)

  3. I love the three little blocks you've added Suz! Very graphic and modern!

  4. Congratulations on getting so far. One step at a time, right? I really like that backing.

  5. Great final decision on the border, and the backing fabric is perfect.

  6. That's a fun addition - I really love the variety in your projects, Suz. I'm an eclectic at heart, so different styles are super enjoyable for me.