Monday, May 15, 2017

New Things

I wore my new dress to work today.  Although it was a bit cold... I really need to buy a cardy or something warm that goes with it.

I have this scarf that is almost the perfect colouring... a bit more is more, but it looked OK.

And Me, excuse the odd photo angle... these things happen when you get your 11yr old to take your photo!  At least my eyes are open and I don't look cross... you don't want to know how many photos it took to get this to happen.

Righto... and onto other new things... my good friend Charlotte has designed a Mystery Quilt on another blog... Carols Quilts.  You can check it out here.

Now, I have been sneaky and checked out the Mystery Quilt (don't tell anyone)... so I know it's a good one.  Not too long (6mths) or complicated (squares, rectangles and triangles), and ends up with a mid sized quilt that you could easily grow to the size you want.  I've been waiting for the first months instructions, to see exactly what the fabric requirements are, and have pulled the following as a possible grouping.

It started with this fabric - Secret Garden by Sandi Henderson, Michael Miller Fabrics which I have had in my stash for ever!

It's quite a large print, and I am imagining just cutting it up into small bits

Then I found these that I quite like to go with it... not too samey/samey but a nice blend of blendy and contrasty.  Don't you love making up your own words?

From left to right:
Newspaper print... unnamed selvedge
Small dot... 11993 Daiwabo for EE Schenck Company
Stripe... unnamed selvedge but I wouldn't be surprised if it is a Stof Basic
Dark grey solid... pretty sure this is a homespun from Spotlight
Lighter colour small dot... same marking as darker dot above
Large multicolour dot... printing is actually half off the selvedge but its something about Habitat (a philosophy a refuge) by Benartex
Even lighter small dot... same as above
Neutral stripe... no markings but similar to a shirting
Green floral... Quilt Gate Mary rose collection
Green solid... either a Spotlight homespun or a Bella solid
Bird detail print... Field Notes by Blackbird Designs for moda

Now I need to actually read the instructions to see what fabrics I really need...

If you are looking for a new project, or just want a bit of low commitment fun, I really do recommend the Mystery Quilt.

I'm going to try linking up with Molli Sparkles Sunday Stash.


  1. Nice new outfit.........looking slick! I was tempted to join the mystery. I like your fabric choices.

  2. Nice colour choices on the fabrics! I knew you'd come up with something interesting.
    Dress looks great and nice pic too, have you had your hair done?

  3. Love how well your fabric choices go together.

  4. Looking great in your new dress! Nice mix of fabrics for Charlotte's mystery :-)

  5. Love the dress. So flattering.

  6. Ditto to all the above ... LOVE the dress.
    Kind of tempted by Charlotte's mystery!!

  7. I have missed a post or two of yours so what a lovely surprise to see your new dress. I love it! Every few years I buy a clothing pattern...usually a dress because I never quite like what is available in the stores. Still haven't sewn any of those dresses. Now I keep seeing rayon batiks and I would really like to make some tops from those gorgeous fabrics. Maybe you have inspired me...maybe if I post a plan on my blog, it will happen.