Saturday, May 6, 2017

Tillies Lane - interim progress

The first week back at work after two weeks holiday is always a bit of a mission.  Getting back into school and work routines... bedtimes... yeah, it can all get a bit exhausting.  Even though I didn't always feel like sewing after work, I still spent a bit of time most days making the effort to do something, even if it was only messing around with fabric.

Before I got too carried away with this months Tillies Lane requirements, I really REALLY needed to know how things were looking... so for the first time EVER, I laid out all my blocks created so far!

It is amazing how lighting and camera angle can change your flash/colouring so much!  This photo below is definitely a bit yellow.

And I think this one is maybe a bit closer in colouring... but maybe a bit washed out.

What I really needed to know from this experiment was how the centre blocks were looking, and which backgrounds needed to be repeated in which spots.  This is the patterns centre arrangement.

And this is how mine is starting to look.  I started with the small nine patch layout being more random in colouring, similar to the pattern, but I didn't like it (you can see that version in the very top photo) .  I figured since this is going to be the centre of the centre, it should look amazing, although I'm still not completely finished with the colours yet.

I managed to get my Month 6 wreath block stuck down... and now halfway to being blanket stitched.

Sewing is nothing if you are not wearing your monster slippers.  You just need to remember to lift your feet extra high so that they don't catch on the fabric (and all the better to stomp with anyway).

Another little job accomplished during the week was sorting through some green scraps, for this months RSC colour - GREEN.  Funnily enough, I have plenty of green scraps, and enough pieces large enough to cut these 6.5" units.  The rectangles measure 6.5 x 13.5".  Getting sewn together might happen sometime during the week.


  1. I like your version, a bit brighter more cheery. Monster slippers........that's whats missing in my life!

  2. Tillies Lane is coming along famously Suz! Love the colours on the white- very crisp!

  3. Your Tillies Lane is looking so fresh. I love the 'odd' piecing where there is more than one colour in the little hourglass blocks.

  4. Tillies Lane is looking great Suzanne - how exciting to lay it all out and see what you've done! I haven't even looked at my green scraps yet, I know I have plenty.

  5. GREEN fuzzy monster slippers in honor of the RSC. TOO funny!! Hope you were able to find time to sew those scrappy squares together.

  6. ooo, yes! Love your Tillie's Lane color play, and the monster slippers are awesome. :) Super nice green work there.