Sunday, August 2, 2020

A roundup of the final days of July

Ok, so I never quite met my One Monthly Goal... I'm sitting just over halfway on hand stitching down the binding on my double nine patch baby quilt and while that is a bit frustrating (so close and yet so far) I am happy to have chosen a goal that stretched my expectations because I'd probably still be quilting it if I hadn't.

My last few July goals were to baste Nadia's Bursting Star quilt... which meant piecing a backing.  I had picked up this pineapple print on a great special, well before even starting the quilt.  I just bought the quantity on the pattern but silly me, I added an extra border on two sides, which meant that my backing fabric was exactly the same width as the top.  

Creative piecing to the rescue with some of the left over charm squares.

This was where I discovered I was out of batting... so my goal of getting this basted became unstuck relatively quickly.

Next up was to piece four more blocks of Sweet Escape. Yes!!

And finally to "sew" the Allegro skirt.  Well, I finally stuck together my pdf pages and got the pieces cut out.

I decided to use these planning pages...

The skirt is from the floral cord and the pocket and waistband lining is from the grey cotton.

I have bought quite a variety of both fabrics and patterns, but have struggled to get any kind of cohesive outfit ideas together.  Finally I found something that would go with this rust knit fabric.  I had bought this with the intention of trialling the Blackwood cardigan so fingers crossed that the skirt turns out OK.


  1. I love corduroy skirts! It is so hard to find any pretty prints here, but this one is gorgeous! The knit is the perfect match! Your "Sweet Escape" is looking fabulous too! Happy sewing!

  2. Yes, I too am loving your 'sweet escape' blocks, very effective! Is it hard just sticking to quite a tight palette?