Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cancellation of all non quilting sewing projects

I have spent more time, effort, brainpower and money on trying to save the universe through changing my clothes buying philosophies - ie stop buying clothes, and start making them - than I actually have time (and brainpower) to accomplish.  I would like to make soap and cheese and do preserves (not at the same time - but you know what I mean).  But if I do that - I won't be quilting.  If I sew clothes - I won't be quilting.  What do I like to do more than anything else in the world - you guessed it - quilting.  So I am hereby cancelling the starting, finishing and all the bits inbetween of all projects, books, magazines and blogs related to things other than quilting.  If I read stuff I just get all silly and go off on a tangent - this must not continue. 

The great undie experiment continues - none of my mail orders have arrived yet, so can't comment on the bras from Ezibuy - but I have bought numerous types of undie (over the last 3 or so months) looking for the magic pair that doesn't cut across the fat through the hips, doesn't show a knicker line and don't fall down, or ride up in that way that only undies can do.  I have now spent $30 on one particular pair - the most ugliest ones in the world - but they are pretty comfortable and do meet my requirements listed above.  There must be a compromise somewhere between cost, function and fit.  However I am yet to find it.  The hunt continues.

I have been deep in thought regarding the border I need to add on to my Round Robin block.  The instructions are for a 3 - 3.5" wide border which must be pieced, and refers to something I enjoy doing in the area where I live.  It must only have two colours, although a third colour can be used in small quantities.  I have had in mind something to do with gardening/flowers - and after a play with EQ6 I have constructed a border that I am happy with.  However, I haven't started cutting or sewing yet (haven't chosen fabrics yet) - and as the pieces will be quite small, it remains to be seen whether it works out or not.  Fingers crossed.  Will keep you posted...

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