Sunday, February 20, 2011

Round Robin... Border One... Completed

After my initial design (triangle blocks with tulip blocks on the corners) I collected my assortment of fabrics in the colours I thought represented my garden/growing things idea - greens for the growth, orange/yellow for the flowers, and blue for the sky.  But they didn't quite work with the original fabrics.  Hmm.  Ok, time for a rethink.  I still wanted to work with my garden idea and use the same blocks so it was just a matter of tweaking the fabrics.  Off I marched to my stash, and discovered that my pile of browns, that never seem to go with anything else whenever I require something brown, went perfectly with the colours of the original block.  Right - instead of green grass on the larger triangles, the browns would represent the earth.  Next, instead of the bright greens I had been looking at, I searched through my bits and pieces left over from other projects and many of the soft greens and teals from my "floral applique with hand blanket stitch that I'm still doing a year later and I do a little bit more each week (and I promise I will finish one day Caroline)" worked much better.  They represent the growth.  And a collection of reds became my 10% accent colour representing the flowers.  By changing the small triangles from yellow to a fawn/brown colour, they count as one of my two main colours, and does't need to compromise the 10% accent colour rule.

So - behold - after a very busy Sunday morning choosing, cutting and now sewing... a block with borders has been born!

I just wanted to show it on point as the design will end up being, but it wastes
so much space on the photo to fit it all in...

so once I make it square, you can see a bit more detail...

and a closeup of some of the fabrics.
 This has been a 3" border (because it was easy to do the maths on) - but I will probably add a plain 1/2" border as I managed to cut my small triangles the wrong way, ending up with bias on the outer edge.  Solution, add a straight border on the outside... problem becomes a design element.  Done!  Hope you like it Linda!


  1. Wow! Looks fantastic. Love the colours, they really work.

  2. Great job :-) Makes me want to join a round robin :-) Well, maybe some day... Monika