Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday Update

It has been a busy week.  I find myself now working four days a week while the kids are at school.  I will now need to amend my profile as technically I won't be a SAHMWKAS (stay at home mother with kids at school) anymore.  My spare at home time is more likely to be spent doing routine housework type things, while the things that I would rather be doing ie quilting, sewing, blogging, doing my fitness routine and getting my hair cut, will need to fit in if and when I get a chance.  On my day off, I do go to a friendly patchwork morning where we do get sewing done, as well as all the other things a small group of likeminded ladies do. 

My block - I didn't take a photo when it was actually finished, Duh!
But this is pretty close.

So it is round robin catch up time... I posted my block off on Tuesday per my last post.  I have just doublechecked whether the person I was sending it to would have been affected by the weather disaster of the last few weeks and it seems all is OK on that front.  Whew!  Then on Wednesday, I had an exciting delivery in the mail, with someone elses block arriving!!!  So welcome to Linda from Victoria who used her block to interprete the theme in a pictorial fashion, with lovely photos of her family and surroundings, plus the plans for their new house printed on her fabric - surrounded by aboriginal fabrics.  It is quite lovely!  Now it is just a matter of waiting for the next set of instructions to find out what I am supposed to do to it.  Watch this space!  If anybody else is interested in this sort of programme, the one I am participating in is through "The Patchwork Studio" and they have another one starting in March which they are currently taking registrations for. 

Linda's block

I have cooked up another batch of tomatoes, capsicum, garlic and this time onion, so I am finally going to post the promised photos of the procedure.  Not that it is really overly interesting, but oh so easy, and a great way to use all those million of tomatoes that all seem to ripen at the same time. 
Raw tomatoes, garlic & capsicum, salt, pepper, slug of oil... in the oven 150C for 1hr-ish

The cooked product - simply whizz up, then use for pasta sauce, pizza bases, all sorts.
Freeze in bags or containers... YUM!  Turn into tomato soup by passing through
sieve, and adding chicken stock.

I don't really have much else to report at this point in time - I haven't actually done much else... it has been too hot and I've had grumpy children come home from school - first week back is so tiring.

Something funny that was in the local rag... advertising a new liquor outlet the new owner was described as opening "after years of developing great product knowledge".

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  1. MMmm thanks for the recipe :) we did some like that last year, but I never thought about making it into soup!