Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Round Robin - Block One - Posted

Woo Hoo the school holidays have finished!  The last week or so have been particularly "stressful" so it was with much joy for both me and my children to be dropping them off to school today.  Dylan has moved into Room 4, and Nadia has moved to Room 7 - so I have already been hearing snippets of how things work in their new classes.  Both seem to be happy with the changes so that is always a good start. 

I finished Block One of the Round Robin challenge, last week - and filled in my history page which details a bit about me and how I came to make my particular block.  So today I put it in the post.  I did have a moment of horror thinking about if it goes missing... but not much you can do about it if or when it happens.  Postage was $3.40 to Australia - for future reference, so at this point, not a huge financial commitment to the programme.

It is enormously hot, but I must commit back to my fitness regime which became a bit vague during the holidays - so I'm going to do my exercises next, and then have a celebration swim.  I haven't measured myself properly to compare notes from my pre-Xmas measurements but I know my weight has crept up to almost but not quite the pre-fitness level - so I'm not gutted, but am quietly optimistic about regaining my progress.  Better get cracking...

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