Friday, January 11, 2013

Are you ready for New Project Number 3?

The third project for my "if you've got it, use it" new years resolution is a quilt I have liked for a long time, but always been a bit scared to try.  No not a double wedding ring quilt - although it would have also fit the bill, but a dresden fan quilt.  In particular, the one from the Material Obsessions Book One:

My predominantly quilting library - I am determined to start using patterns/inspiration out of some of these books.

Ahh, ain't it lovely?

The lucky pile awaiting cutting... DS Quilts fabric, a mixture of lines, from Spotlight.  They have more on sale at the moment, so added a few more to the mix - coincidentally now I have 16 different fabrics - exactly what I need for the pattern.
 I have started cutting, and experimentally pieced together a few blades to see how it went together.  So far so good.  I was for some reason worried that the seam allowance would poke out the top of the blade, but am happy to report that it does nothing of the kind.  I am really keen to finish a whole circle to see if it sits flat.  Photos pending!

In Tokyo Subway news, I have finished piecing the second block for January - block 5.  Must remember to label that before I forget where it goes.

In Swoon news, I have pieced all the little bits for block 6 into bigger components... that's the easy bit.  It's getting all those components sewn into the one big whole that freaks me out. 

I have also been busy with the Craftsy BOM projects... watch this space!


  1. Geeze I'm pooped just reading all that you are making!!
    MMMMM Dresdens my favourite!!! Are you piecing your blades/petals on the machine or English Paper Piecing?
    It was great to see some of your projects in the flesh yesterday, you have a real eye for colour & detail.

  2. It's hot how can you have so much on the go? Quilting/sewing in my house is on hold till it's cooler! I'm going to Sydney soon so heat is going to be worse! I plan on visiting the Material Obsession Shop :-)

  3. Dresden Plates are one of my all-time favourites so I can understand the attraction! Not sure I could make a whole quilt of them! Are you using a spot for your background?

  4. The Material Obsessions books are great, pure eye-candy :)

  5. Cool to see real life glimpses of your lovely work yesterday. The dresdens are going to be stunning - and I love your swoon block!! Happy sewing!!