Monday, January 28, 2013

Tweeting Again

No, not that sort of Tweeting... I don't really understand that social networking sort of stuff, but I do understand fusible applique!

Block 7

Block 6

The original pattern incase you were wondering what I am on about.  A BOM designed by Erin Russek... not last year but the year before. A bit of a long term commitment.

Today is Auckland/Northland Anniversary weekend, so a holiday.  I've spent most of the day cleaning the lounge and kitchen... and changing around the furniture.  Perfect for playing on the Wii.

Linking up with Lyn @ What a Hoot.


  1. Love your Tweet blocks!!!
    Glad you had time to potter with all the sewing you have been doing.

  2. Wonderful job on your tweets....I don't twitter either.

  3. We had a holiday here too! The tweets look great! Are they machine appliqued?

  4. Fantastic Blocks! I had wanted to do them, but missed out. I am gearing up to do the Jingle this year. Are you taking that on? By the way I simply LOVE the pillows on your couch, did you make them? I am visiting from BOM's AWAY!

  5. oooo!! I really, really love your colorway. Very nice. And making me antsy! I've carefully protected the patterns for this one until I could start it up, and it's looking like I'll get to start it in June or July. Yours is going to be so very lovely.