Friday, January 11, 2013

The Edition with More in the Details Department

One of my faults regarding my blog is that I assume you know what I am thinking/doing.  Doesn't everyone??  Which is why the comments section is so important - you can ask questions!

Material Obsession is a book by Kathy Doughty and Sarah Fielke - both Australians, who have a rather unique take on design and fabric combinations.  The project I am undertaking is called Dotty For Dresden, a machine pieced, hand appliqued dresden fan block.  I am undecided about the background fabric I am going to use at this stage, or what fabric I'll use for the central circle.  The details will be worked out in the goodness of time... 

This is going to be called my "Joseph Joseph" quilt!  I got this cute set of measuring cups for Xmas - and they came in a handy, dandy box.
Block One of perhaps 24... blades still to be connected!

 Another comment that people often make is about how many different projects I have on the go.  I have a serious problem.  Firstly, it's January and the kids are off school, which means I am off work.  It gives me far too much time to think and sew.  My second problem is that I have the belief that I have super woman powers in January, that I can complete anything throughout the rest of the year.  Which of course I can't, but have a whole heap of fun trying!

Now for an update and more information on the Craftsy BOM classes/projects I am doing.  I signed up for two, firstly Re-Piecing the Past  - Civil War Blocks Then and Now which is by Kaye England.  It is really interesting watching how other people work, and finding out the reasons why they approach certain techniques in the way that they do.

January's Blocks are "Remember Me" - I really like this block!

and Block Two: Sherman's March

The second BOM I signed up for is the 2012 Craftsy Block of the Month with Amy Gibson.  Where the first course is based on very traditional blocks, this one is a bit more modern.  So far I am enjoying both and looking forward to joining the completed blocks together.

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  1. I am completely taken with your bright lime and blue on newsprint. FABULOUS!!!!