Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New Project Number Two

The next new project is one that I blame Monika for, well, she was the one who started the ball rolling by buying the pattern, I then suggested that we share stashes and challenge each other to complete two blocks per month.  What is it?  I hear you asking... well The Tokyo Subway quilt by Elizabeth Hartman from Oh Franson!

Here is Block One Completed.

The red, light blue and yellow 2.5" squares safe and sound in their box.

The box still waiting to be cut with all the other colours in it... dark blue, light and dark green, green- blue, pink, purple, orange... is that all??  It's a pretty big box.

The super scary instructions say to cut 994 squares... that's a whole heap of squares!

And here we have most of the second block laid out, Block 5:


  1. I love that pattern! I admire your tenacity in tackling it! Looking forward to seeing this one grow!

  2. Am I reading that photo right... 994 1&1/2" squares for a 40x40" quilt!

    I love the Tokyo Subway idea - I haven't seen an example of the entire quilt top yet and I'm curious as to whether or not it actually mirrors the Tokyo subway lines? (Our family lived in Tokyo for 2 years hence my curiosity)

  3. You are off to a great start. I made mine with 2" cut squares but there were 1600 of them, I survived and so will you!

  4. Oh wow this look really challenging....can't wait to see the final finish!

  5. Visiting from WIP wednesday. Wow, you have a big project. Good on you. It should look amazing when finished

  6. One of my favorite patterns!! Alot of squares of beautiful fabric choices!!!