Sunday, January 27, 2013

January - A Lovely Year of Lovely Finishes

Yay, January Goal Completed!

 Although I had only chosen a small goal - one more Swoon block - it still took the better part of the month to get it done.  The cutting and initial piecing were fine - it's getting the motivation to put together the larger units into the nine patch formation.  There are just so many points to match up!

Now I just need to decide what my goal will be for February!

A Lovely Year of Finishes


  1. Well, you got it done with a couple of days to spare! I love this block Suz!

  2. Another block maybe?... Its looking too lovely to leave it lagging....

  3. This block is my favourite out of the seven completed to date.

    This is a great link up, it gives some focus to complete a goal. One block at a time is perfect, I found that I was rushing a little towards the end to get my projects done.

  4. I love your block. Way to go with completing your goal this month. There are months when I wasn't even able to complete one block!

  5. Love your blocks! I hear ya on getting going on this one. I have everything cut, just need to lay out a block a night and hopefully I can get mine done this month too. Love watching your progress.