Saturday, February 2, 2013

New month... and so the blocks continue

The projects started last month have been calling to me so I couldn't wait until the start of February to begin the next lot of blocks.

So far I have completed the February blocks for the Craftsy 2012 BOM:

Balkan Puzzle - don't look too closely at the points, and no, it doesn't appear to be square...

The Chunky Chevron block... I really like this one - and it's pretty close to being the right size!  First one so far... woohoo!
I am trying to complete blocks using the techniques described in the instructions.  Each of these blocks used different "quick" techniques to create the half square triangles.  Not sure whether I am sold on either technique, but I've done them, and that's the main thing... and a bit of a collage of progress so far.

I've also laid out Block Two for the Tokyo Subway quilt. 

This month we're doing block 2 and 15 which meant adding orange into the mix.  By selecting blocks with minimal extra colours, hopefully the cutting side of the whole project will be comfortably spread out through the project.  If any one is keen to join in with this monthly project - the instructions for all the blocks are still on Oh Fransons! blog.  I'm doing 2.5" cut squares (so I can maybe start a scrap vomit quilt with the leftovers).  Go on, I know you want to!  Last month we started with Blocks 1 and 5 (light blue, yellow, grey, red + background).


  1. "Scrap Vomit Quilt'.......I have heard it all now!
    That grey solid is doing the rounds on your quilts.

  2. 3rd attempt at a comment...
    Must have been the day for the Subway Quilt, I also laid out both my blocks! I reckon blocks 6&7 for March, what do you think?

  3. I wish I had time to join in with you on the Subway Quilt, but I just know that this school year is going to be a bad one!! Love the Chunky Chevron block!

  4. I love the chunky chevron block too. And am liking the subway quilt more and more. School starts tomorrow, yay!! Oh, but I'm working, boo. No quilting for me.

  5. I love that newspaper print!

  6. What a fun sampler quilt! Love the chunky chevron block!

  7. What great blocks! Like the newspaper print fabric mixed in

  8. Love the newspaper fabric. Where did you find it? XX Kathleen