Saturday, February 9, 2013

Everything just ticking along

I've really been enjoying the new projects I started in January, and while I know I can't keep starting projects like that every month, I have been tempted already to start a new project for February.

It all started when I read about Elvy Crafts jelly roll sampler quilt blocks. Click here to see her progress so far.  After trawling through her delicious posts, I realised I had the book she was using for her patterns, in fact, I've had it for quite some time, and it hadn't inspired me at all.  That soon changed once I pulled out the jelly roll mum bought me from England, decided on which blocks I liked, had a play on EQ6 for some setting ideas... and I've now finished three whole blocks.


  1. oh what's another new project between friends, I won't tell anyone!

  2. Great blocks! I am resisting the urge to start something new... but I don't know for how long!

  3. Fun, fresh blocks Suzanne!! Good on you for starting something new!!!