Monday, November 1, 2010

Sorting through the Stash

Decided over the weekend that if I emptied out all my containers with fabrics in, and assessed the whole pile as a complete unit, there may be a quilt hiding within.  This was the result - can't decide whether it is good or bad!
Also had a bit of a look through some of my unfinished projects... this one was my bright idea to reduce left over bits from other projects, and I sewed it as a leader/ender while doing another project.  I think there is enough sub-blocks to make two large blocks, so ideally would make at least another two blocks to make it "quilt" size.
This one started with a fat quarter bundle and was earmarked for Nadia (back when she was only a few months old - PS she just started school!)... usual story, took a lot longer than anticipated and ran out of fabric for the sashing. Have finished the other 6 blocks, but need to assemble into the quilt as you go format.

This one was started a real long time ago - so long ago I can't even really remember when.  First part of it went together pretty well, first attempt at needle turn applique, and then came the paper foundations... what a bore!  Still have 23 or something blocks to finish off which form a border around the central unit (see 3 completed along one side).
Last one for today... once again started as a bundle of fat quarters which I then pulled huge amounts of my stash to go with it.  Very satisfying!  This is unfortunately only about 1/4 of the quilt design, every intention to finish it one day.
Why have I decided to share these with you?  In the hope that sharing will encourage finishing.  Or at least help me keep track of what is going on.


  1. [Just deleted my comment by accident grrr]
    I remember one or the other UFO fondly :-) Waiting for regular progress reports now (just kidding!)BTW, no idea why it only lets me comment as Chris - I don't think he would comment, do you? LoL

  2. So much to do, so little time! Particularly love the colours of the last one - hope we see it at show and tell one day.