Monday, November 8, 2010

The Solar System, Calico Xmas & Garden

For his birthday, Dylan got given a solar system kit - this makes it sound as if I could blame some other parent for buying something that requires real effort on my part to end up with a result - however it was actually me that bought it in a moment of insanity forgetting that I have practically no patience what so ever when it comes to spending "quality time" with my son.  After some particularly bad behaviour on Saturday, we spent about an hour covering the sun and saturn with tissue paper - paper mache style (technically only half of the sun is covered - but we're getting there).  I'm using the colours suggested in the instructions although I'm not sure whether there are actually any planets that are pink?? (guess Nadia will cover that one) and quite a few seem to be orange.  I'll keep you informed of how we get on...

On a more exciting note, we spent a total of 6 hours driving to and from Auckland to go to Calico Xmas on Sunday.  Managed to leave the camera in the car so didn't get any photos - but as my lovely husband took the kids to Albany shops and bought a total of 3 pairs of shoes which were desperately required (how did Dylan end up with 1 pair of jandals, plus two shoes one black, one white - but both for the right foot??) - and I could just wander around the displays and merchants to my hearts desire...

Now that summer is approaching, my flowers are once again doing their thing... the colours make me happy!

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  1. I'm glad you got down to Calico Christmas - I thought it was pretty good this year. Looking forward to seeing that solar system when it's finished!!