Monday, November 15, 2010

A bit of everything

Well, we've survived another year at the Waimate North A&P Show - extremely hot, but friendly faces everywhere and it's exciting to see the kids artwork being displayed in the hall.  I bought a handmade pair of leather sandals at a very reasonable price, and didn't get sunburned - so came home very happy.  I am in kitchen mode at present and I should share that although Dylan expected me to enter MasterChef when it comes to NZ - my cooking skills are adequate at best (although I did burn our sausage rolls on Friday beyond being edible).  So, when I look at my Soda bread (recipe c/- Rachel Allen's website) - I do feel like gloating a wee bit.  I am a bit Dough-a-phobic and tend to make a big mess with very dodgey results.  However this bread which we had with our dinner on Thursday was a masterpiece!  Basic recipe: 3 2/3 cups flour, 1tsp salt, 1 tsp sugar, 1tsp baking soda - put in bowl, make well, add 425ml sour milk (I add a good splosh of white vinegar to my ordinary milk at the beginning so it has gone all lumpy by the time I've done the dry ingredients), mix very roughly, then sort of pat into shape - scone like or flat like foccacia, and bake at about 220C for 15-20min.  The website also gives you all sorts of variations.  I sprinkled finely chopped onion and cheese on top with some tomato slices... YUM!

I think this is my favourite one??

I have also finally finished all 6 of my placemats - 3 of which have been finished for months and months, and the rest have laid forgotten in my "will come back to at a later date" drawer.  I am so chuffed!!  Here are two all of them (I have now worked out how to make my pictures little-er) - made from 6 fat quarters, with each placemat having 5 of the fabrics in it.  One day I'd like to sell this in kit or pattern form... one day.
I have also made jelly this morning - no not the real kind - just the one in the packet that you add boiling water to.  This was as a result of tidying up my pantry and wondering about the life span of jelly crystals as they don't seem to have an expiry date?  And finally, I have an Apricot and Date Loaf in the oven as we speak, looking suspiciously like afternoon tea.  Can't wait!  I have also washed the cat, which was not enjoyed by either of us, done a load of washing and plan to do a little reading before the kids come home.  Ah, Bliss.


  1. the best bit of the whole post was "wash the cat"! Would so love to have seen that!!
    As for your date, when you set up your account, did you set your location to NZ? I'll do a little investigating and see if I can give you more instructions.

  2. Have you ever tried washing a cat? This is definately something that you don't stop in the middle of and take a photo!