Friday, November 5, 2010

Not a Honey Bee to be Seen

So OK, it's not a honey bee block - but I have also been gazing wistfully at a particular basket block - a little bit of imagination required as there is also a handle to applique on each basket (for those of you who don't realise it - the bit with all the triangles is a basket) and it does have the three tearshaped flower petals (resembling the corners of the honey bee thing) which peek up from the basket between the handles.  I spent about half an hour with my children looking at the block and creating different colourways as well as different layouts - Dylan's version had halloween fabric with green bats, ghosts and such things which was very interesting and certainly different.  Then we came across the exact fabric that matches Nadia's book bag fabric... certainly something to think about.  Best thing was that Dylan piped up some time later and said "I like your quilt Mum!" 

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