Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I'm feeling almost saintly

Well, I have been in the shed, and returned from the shed.  Have I achieved anything in the shed??  Well, probably not quite as much as I had hoped.  But, I have finished (well finished in the broad sense of the word in that a quilt top has been created) a project that was started maybe 6 years ago and has since layed dormant in a box all pinned together, having long since lost it's "nowness".  So, the grand reveal - spot the different between the unfinished and the finished:

And the big bonus, I now have a heap more pins in my pincushion!  Decisions, decisions - what do I do with this particular piece.  I could add borders as it is still a bit small, however this would require the purchase of fabric.  When it was planned, Dylan was probably about 1 - and would have appreciated the colours and pictures, but not so much as a 7 year old - so really it no longer has a purpose.  So I could finish it and sell it, or repurpose it as something else?  Any ideas??

Back to the shed/fabric reorganisation.  The only other grouping of fabric was one that started with the remnant from Nadia's book bag - to which I could add one metre of white on white, plus assorted oddments and fat quarters of semi-matching (good enough) prints.  What do you think?  I am thinking honey bee blocks - mostly white with some prints and three little teardrop shapes appliqued at each corner.  Will need to find my book that has something along those lines... WATCH THIS SPACE!

Meanwhile, while I don't think the Pope will be phoning in a hurry - I shall pat myself on the back for achieving something, and carry on with a positive frame of mind tomorrow.

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