Monday, November 29, 2010

A mothers work is never done, wobbly bits and all.

I subscribe to the American Patchwork & Quilting magazine, which I find interesting as it isn't too hard core American - ie flags, thanksgiving, eagles etc (although they do have some sometimes which I can handle), and they always show the projects in different colours and sizes and give details and sometimes even patterns for the quilting design.  Anyway, I digress... there is a small article about a lady who has her own quilt pattern company, she only looks like a teenager but has three kids... and I think the quote for the day should be "I really love being a mum, but part of that job is doing things that need to be done again and again - cleaning, laundry, bath time.  When I quilt, it's something that can't be undone, and I see progress every day."

So far today I'm still up to the again and again bit - my laundry pile has taken over the sofa - no picture sorry, but you can imagine it (in fact, you probably have something similar somewhere in your own house!) - and I can hear the washing machine still spinning around and around.  BUT I have something in mind to play with, which if I'm good and get cracking with the rest of the mess, I can play before the kids come home.  Yipee.

On another note, I weighed and measured myself this morning.  At the beginning of this term I committed to trying to eat a bit healthier and practice some sort of exercise routine to increase my fitness and hopefully my wobbly bits would reduce and become a little bit less wobbly.  And, I haven't lost any weight pretty much at all, but my body fat has gone from being up around 32% to 28.5%, and my bust has gone from 40" to 38.5", waist still same, hips 40" to 39".  Cool - it must all be worth it.


  1. Read this article. Although I guess it's saying exactly what that woman with three kids was saying except a lot more longwinded. Anyway, I re-read it regularly when I'm feeling that I shouldn't do so much quilting - reminds me of the necessity of it to put a purpose in my day.

    Do you get more time now that N is in school? I'm hanging out for O to get there, but I'm wondering if it does actually make any difference?

  2. Checked out the posting - very deep, almost spiritual, and very apt! My husband is always trying to get me to do reproductive labour - although his version sounds better. With Nadia at school, at this stage I spend more time enjoying the peace and quiet. Because I know that I have more time to complete things, of course I get half a much done than when I'm going at full speed. I think about stuff - when I should really be doing stuff. But I do so enjoy it!