Friday, September 6, 2013

Best Laid Plans

This week has not gone entirely as planned.

You know when people know you quilt... and assume that means you also sew other stuff?  And not only assume that you sew other stuff... but that you like to do it, and are in fact good at it?

Back up a couple of weeks and the school asked for volunteers to sew Kapa Haka outfits for the school's cultural group.  I wisely chose not to volunteer.

But, faced with a teacher at the gate saying "you can make a few outfits for us can't you?" I found myself unable to say no.  Because, yes, I do have the equipment and skills required, I just lacked the desire and patience.

Feeling somewhat defeated, on Monday I picked up my new project - and each day since, I've sewn a little bit. Today I finished off most of the construction of the first one, it just needs the hem done (just couldn't face it today), and a bit of hand finishing work on the facing.  This "simple sun dress" has darts front and back plus a back zipper and a facing.  Trust me, there were a few brain cells straining to remember how to do some of these things :0)

A size 7 is obviously a bit too wide for my willing assistant (who is shortly going to turn 8) - but perhaps a bit short in the length department.

Only two more to go...  wish me luck!

Normal programming will hopefully resume shortly!  I have focus projects... that haven't had anyone focusing on them.


  1. You have my sympathy! I too was never keen on making stuff like that. I used to get rail roaded into fixing farming overalls, hem curtains etc etc, you name it! Did anyone ever ask Picasso to paint their garage?? Next time if you feel that way, say your machine only knows how to quilt!

  2. Oh dear! Sewing stuff like this does zap ones energy and enthusiasm, doesn't it!? I have another suggestion about what to say next time...."Sorry, my machine is in for a service! And they've found it needs a part that won't be here until....(at least after the deadline!)

  3. I made leotards for the kindy once and asked a friend to drop them off. She lost them on the way,they fell off the pushchair. I was a bit annoyed but lucky they were found on the return journey!about 5 years after I was picking up someone else's kid and they were still being used, so that made me smile.

  4. Good on you Suzanne!!! Nothing like a non-quilting sewing challenge to get the brain working!!